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If you regularly use online psychics you'll know that there are two main ways to get a live psychic reading - by telephone or by live chat. Telephone psychics have been popular for many years, however more and more psychic companies offer live chat readings where your psychic is not just a voice at the end of a phone. Now you get to see and interact with your psychic - hopefully providing you with a better experience...

Telephone readings are perhaps still the most popular ‘live’ method, they are usually 'technical problem' free and you get to remain private - which some people prefer. For some it isn’t important to actually see their psychic, a reassuring voice at the end of the phone may be all they need. What’s more, not everyone wants to be seen on webcam and some people just don’t enjoy live chat, preferring to be able to talk without any distractions.

There are some very good reasons to consider getting a live chat psychic reading. In the past before telephone readings became popular if you wanted a psychic reading you had to make an appointment to see a psychic or visit a psychic fair or event and wait for your chosen reader to become available.

Telephone readings took away the need for this and became a way to get an instant psychic reading anywhere and anytime. However psychic telephone readings have their limitations. Live chat readings allow people to experience something similar to the real-life appointment visits of the past in that the reading feels more intimate.

Many people enjoy the experience of being able to talk with their psychic face-to-face, feeling that it offers a more satisfactory experience. Sometimes during a telephone reading you may feel that you are not connecting with your psychic reader, this could be down to the simple fact that it is harder to interpret a person’s words when you can’t see their face. Misunderstandings can occur because of the lack of non-verbal communication between the two of you.

When you choose a live chat reading you can see your psychic’s face, maybe see their genuine concern for your situation and watch their reactions to your questions. This helps to establish good rapport between the two of you and makes for a better connection.

This works both ways and some psychic’s have found that they prefer giving live chat readings because they feel that they are able to tune into a person better when they can see and interact with them. For psychics who read auras the effects are multiplied, as it can be easier to aura read by sight than by phone.

That’s not to say that telephone readings are on the way out. Many psychics still prefer to read by phone and, for a genuinely gifted psychic, not being able to see the client shouldn't be a problem. A true psychic will be able to tune into you whether they can see you or not.


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